Made in A/EU

All our products are hand-made in Austria and our neighboring countries. Through that we can produce small numbers in high quality.


mapbags are made from waterproof and tear-resistant paper. It consists of 25% of recycled material, is non-toxic and neutral ph-value. The waste of the paper manufacture is recycled, producing super strong paper needs less energy than normal paper. Our mapgbag-paper feels like paper and can be recycled up to 100%.


The paper and the print are waterproof, mapbags can be washed at 30°.


Our mapbags are very robust and tear-resistant. Until now even we have not been able to tear them.


You don´t have an iPhone or MacBook but want a mapbag with your individual motif? MapBagRag can adapt the mapbag to your mobile-device, print your motif and make your own individual magbag. You can do so by visiting MapBagRag's website.